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5 Warning Signs Your Car Is About To Breakdown

5 Warning Signs Your Car Is About To Breakdown
Posted on 30th Nov 2021

5 Warning Signs Your Car Is About To Breakdown

If your vehicle is making strange noises, it might be time to take it to the garage. Following is the list of factors that helps you to identify what your car needs to take care of. The last thing you require is your car breaking down or having to fork out for an expensive repair. Noticing such signs, in the beginning, could stop minor problems from turning into bigger ones and let you save money.

Dashboard warning lights

Dashboard warning lights are the most certain sign of the car that something isn’t functional and it is important to keep in mind and not to ignore this sign.

If a yellow light appears on your dashboard, it means that you need to check your engine as you should get your car to the service station at the earliest possible. There is a distinct range of engine issues that this light could indicate.

Usually, a lot of cars also have a service light in the shape of a spanner that will come at the time of your next service due. Your car's manual will display what each of your dashboard lights means.

Strange Noises

If you hear any unusual noises coming from the car then it is suggested to get them checked out. Squealing noises such as high-pitched squeal when turning the ignition on could indicate an issue with the cambelt and it might be loose or worn.

Normally, whining under the bonnet is caused by a loose cambelt, which can cause all kinds of problems from overheating to battery problems. It is important to keep in mind that whenever any kind of scraping noises or sounds coming from your car it is a sign to be checked out.

Undoubtedly, this can be a broken part of your car scraping on something else, causing extra vandalism to both and that can lead to cause a reduced ride comfort, e.g. If your tyres are scraping on the wheel arches.

Loss in power or stalling

While driving, if you feel that you won't able to reach the same distance with a full tank of petrol and also feeling difficulty getting up to your normal speed, it means something is wrong.

Unusual brake activity

Another significant problem that means your car needs to be checked by the professional is when its vibrating or pulling under braking due to worn brake discs or pads, a suspension issue or a problem with your steering and if you notice any kind of oversensitivity or resistance you should get your car checked. It is not considered to be safe to drive like this so it is vital to get your vehicle serviced as soon as possible.

Different odours

Whenever you feel that your car is overheating t means your bonnet is smoking.

The exhaust emitting blue smoke means that oil has entered the fuel supply which is impacting your car’s capability to run cleanly.

If water or antifreeze has entered the fuel supply it shows white smoke from the exhaust.

What can you do you avoid such problems?

Timely servicing your car becomes mandatory nowadays.

It is pivotal to know how your car works on normal days so you become aware of any unusual changes

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