Safety Policy

Safety should be the first concern in every matter of life. Every life is meaningful and every person looks for safety with their associated people or company. Towing services are a big responsibility, as you take in hand the lives of people and products too. Average accidents happening around the world due to towing trucks are 15% higher than other vehicles. There are many reasons like untrained drivers, not taking care of the vehicle etc. Luckily, that’s not the case with us!

Essential things that we should take care of first;

Many minor but central and essential things are dangerous for the towing services if you ignore them. Such as: reading the instructions provided by the vehicle's manuals, instructions by clients, careful handling of towed products and parts, not using passenger vans as delivery vehicles and many more.

Safety measures we provide for our towing services;

We take full responsibility for the product, ensuring you the safe services. Our priority is the safety of you, your money and your product. Our company hires only the responsible and trained people for our staff. Drivers, loaders, mechanics and every other person are well experienced and accountable.

Also ensuring taking care of our trucks maintenance,we follow the manufacturer's towing specifications for the tow vehicle, trailer, and all of the tow package components. Moreover, we manage to match the weight for the trailer and load to be towed as the vehicle's balance is vital for safety.

Last but not least, we will make sure you won’t regret calling us at your service!

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